Sometimes it can happen that something unexplainable happens when using CRM. In this case you can always try to enable the Verbose logging on the server. Below you find a small step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Note: Try to avoid this on production environments with people working on. It can result in a slower performance. On servers with a lot of activity, verbose logging files can grow to multiple gigabytes in less than a few minutes.

  1. Log on the server where the CRM is installed
  2. Open the registry with the “regedit” command in the “run” window:run
  3. Navigate to the following folder in the registry:
  4. Change the following values:
    • TraceCategories: Depending on the number of logging you might change it to “Verbose” (for all information) or “Error” if you only want the critical requests;
    • TraceEnabled: 1 (to enable, to disable, change it to 0);
    • TraceRefresh: Change number to another value. The nummer doesn’t really matter;


To analyse the trace logs you can use “CRMTraceReader”, which can be downloaded for free on CodePlex.

Just don’t forget to disable the logging again after you’ve reproduced your issue.

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