Earlier today I tried to import a solution with a dependency on msdyn_FlowApprovalsCore (

I saw that this solution was installed in our other environments, but it wasn’t present in this newly created instance. In this article I found that the installation of this solution is automatically triggered, the first time you are using an approval flow. At first I couldn’t believe this would be the solution but I went ahead to create a random flow that includes an approval.

Go to https://flow.microsoft.com/

Create a new flow based on a template

Search for “dynamics” and select the tab “Approval”. You can select any flow that has both “Dynamics” and “Approval” but for the sake of this tutorial I’ve selected “Start a deal approval when a Dynamics 365 opportunity is won”.

Make sure to connect to the required services. Continue.

Select your organization you want to install the Approval solution.

Open the conditional branches. In my organization the manager is not properly setup. Therefore I’ve removed the step “Get manager (V2)”.

By doing this, the email field is now empty in the next step. So go ahead and select your own email or fill in something in plain text. Remember, we just want to Approval Solution, we are not really going to use this flow later.

Now our flow should be able to reach the “approval” step, which will trigger the solution to install in our environment.

Save and Test your flow

Select Manually for the test

Now head back to your Dynamics 365, create an opportunity and immediately close it as Won.

If you go back to the flow, you will see the flow was triggered. On the “New Sales Win Review and Approval Process” step it will take a while (for me it took around 20 min). The flow will eventually fail because of a Timeout.

However, this is because the solution installation is being triggered in your environment. Finally you will see that the solution automatically got installed in your Dynamics 365 environment.

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